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Frozen Moon : A Jenny-Dog and the Son of Light Novel by D.M. Greenwald











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Frozen Moon

Bottom line? If you pick this book up and start reading, you’ll find it hard to stop for meals. And when you do reach the last page, you’ll want to share it with a friend. It’s that good. I look forward to meeting the author one of these days. - Reviewed by Pamela Grath,


Dave brings a unique perspective and writing style to the table with Frozen Moon.  Anyone that has spent time with dogs or in the landscape of a brutal winter will enjoy this read.  It is both entertaining and gritty with a common man thread through out. – Rod Haneline, VP, CPSO Leader Dogs for the Blind


Finished the read and I couldn't put it down. Great book. I haven't had a great read that I couldn't stop in a long time. Maybe since a Tom Clancy read 10 years ago... I’m sending the book to my brother in TX, he just retired from the USCG, 22 years as a rescue swimmer. He will love this book. - Jeff Gray, owner, trainer, and handler of "Nero"

This book was fascinating and I couldn't put it down. What I liked best about this book is that it keeps you guessing on what is going to happen and at the same time provides lots of details on survival in a difficult situation. Five stars! - Corda Moss


The man we all want to be; the dogs we all want to have. - Daniel Grover



Fans of D. M. Greenwald's impressive debut novel, Frozen Moon, who have been anxiously awaiting its sequel, will not be disappointed by the author's latest search and rescue story, Cody. In contrast to the harsh New England winter depicted in the first book, Cody is set in rural Wyoming. This time Nature takes out its wrath in the form of a massive, ravaging forest fire. Greenwald deftly spins this tale through the interweaving voices of his characters and the reader remains riveted in suspense until its powerful and heart wrenching conclusion. -  Shelley Masion

Cody is the second book in the Jenny-Dog and the Son of Light Novel Series. The story is compelling and you will not want to put it down once you start. - Robert Poel


Cody is a powerful story. It depicts the challenge of being a responder. The description is colorful and the story makes you cheer for the good guys. A brilliant addition to the series. Book one, Frozen Moon, was a terrific read, too. Well worth your time and money. - Pat Fenton


D M Greenwald's writing style is captivating and riveting. I can not wait for his next book. - Diane Minsley


The Wichita Mountain Manhunt

I picked up your book last night, thought I’d read a couple of pages, and could not put it down. It is your best effort to date! I could feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins; anticipation heightened. Great job David! The imagery was detailed, the plot thickened just right, the main characters stayed true to form. It was all together a good read. Shelley Cary, Hunter Peak Ranch


This one is my favorite!  It's so nice to read about timeless heroes.  Greenwald's Joshua Travis is the ideal man - brave, thoughtful, and with a mysterious spirit.  Gary Cooper would have played him perfectly.  I loved the constant action of this story and the surprise ending.  Jerie Rabbers, Kalamazoo, Michigan


The Wichita Mountain Manhunt kept me riveted from start to finish! I didn't want to put it down! - Gail Toda, Portage, Michigan


It’s a page-turner for sure! - Shirley Tupper Freeman, Bookbug  Books, Kalamazoo, Michigan


My kind of book. Lots of action and suspense and the ending is amazing! Daniel Grover, Bloomingdale, Michigan


On pins and needles awaiting yet another thriller. Please let me know when it becomes available. I am fascinated with this series. Dogs are amazing creatures.Sandee Simmons, Auburn, New York


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